4 thoughts on “21: Gear, Gear, and More Gear. CES Wrapup Part II, with Harris Fogel

  1. Hi Michael,
    Greetings from down under.
    Big fan of both of your shows!
    I especially loved your interview with Kenny Aronoff and Scott Page on the Solopreneur Hour Podcast.
    I never knew that Scott Page performed with so many of the bands that I love. It was only when I heard your interview that I had an epiphany. The reason I like these bands is because of Scott Pages Sax playing.

    I had a listen to Episode 21 of Beginner Audiophile. You may be aware of the “popping” audio problem with Harris’s that rides along with Harris’s speech. You may be able to correct this problem by using Turntable record capturing software and try the “clicking or pop” removal filters.

    Keep up the excellent work.
    Kind regards
    Greg Sargent

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  3. You’re killing me with the Oppo 205 teasers. I’m hoping to replace an older universal player, an older CD player and an aged DAC in one fell swoop. Every review I’ve seen (have not seen Harris’ … link?) has failed to address the qualities of this item from the audiophile perspective.

    I want to spin my CDs, SACDs and take advantage of the DAC inputs to handle my streaming & FLAC needs.

    So looking forward to this. Bring it👍🏽

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