20: CES Wrap-Up Part 1, with Patrick Norton

Patrick Norton (http://tekthing.com) joins me, through a hacking cough, to wrap up all things audio and home theater we discovered at CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2018.

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2 thoughts on “20: CES Wrap-Up Part 1, with Patrick Norton

  1. I love your realistic approach to improving the sound quality of a stereo system. I’ve been at it for about 5 years and consider myself a beginner. It’s addicting. I’m always trying something new, tweaking speaker placement, or whatever. I have to catch-up on your older podcasts but don’t stop broadcasting now that I’ve found you. Two thumbs up!

    NAD T747 (used as a pre-amp)
    Parasound A23
    KEF LS50
    Blue Jeans Cable 12 AWG Speaker Wire
    Blue Jeans Cable RCA Interconnects
    Chord Mojo DAC
    Tons of room treatment (maybe too much!)
    Volumio on Raspberry Pi w/ Hifiberry Digi + Pro SPDIF

  2. Loving your show! I got turned onto this scene in the 80’s while living in San Francisco at Harmony Audio (still in business!!) I am rejigging my system and wanted some feedback on advice. So some background on my set up.

    Pre-amp Aragon Aragon 24K (circa 1989)
    Power Amp Aragon 2004 (circa 1989)
    Streamer – Sonos Connect (looking at the Wyred 4 life upgrade)
    CD Player – Adcom CD72
    Speakers – DLS Flatbox XL – on walls (I have a very small space)
    Sub – Monitor Audio ASW
    I would love your thoughts on where to spend to get a good bang for my buck!


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