15: The Turntable/ Record Player Renaissance, and Why You Should Care

Today we’re talking a bit of turntables, and what it takes to set one up.  Turntables used to be the “gold standard” for listening, until digital files came along.  Now, we are romanticizing the process…and it’s well worth it.  After talking turntables,  We also dig into a question or two, and give you the picks of the show!


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2 thoughts on “15: The Turntable/ Record Player Renaissance, and Why You Should Care

  1. Hey Michael, This is the recording of I’ve Got the Music In Me that Harris mentioned in episode 15. The singer’s name is actually Thelma Huston, not Koko Taylor and the name of the band was Pressure Cooker.


    If you were an audiophile back in the later ’70s, you HAD to have this record along with the version of the 1812 Overture that Harris talked about. You truly could easily SEE in the record grooves the point at which the cannons were fired, and you hoped that your stylus wouldn’t leap out or the groove when they went off.

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