13: Songs To Test and Tune Your System With, Backing Up Your Audio, and More!

On today’s show Harris and Michael talk about songs and albums they use to “test and tune” their systems.  We also briefly talk about a couple pieces of gear we are testing: The AudioControl Rialto 600 integrated amplifier, and the NEXDrive Spectra Headphone DAC/Amp.  Mike talks about his home setup with Kodi and Airfoil, and Harris talks about backing up your system and making a NAS drive.

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5 thoughts on “13: Songs To Test and Tune Your System With, Backing Up Your Audio, and More!

  1. Like your podcast. Had thought of doing an audiophile one myself. did motorcycle one instead (Throttledpodcast.com). Unfortunately, I can’t get the link to your show notes to work on my Mac using Safari or Chrome.

  2. Hi Micheal and Paul,
    Just wanted to say great podcast. I found it a couple of days ago whilst bored, listening to the same old music on the radio at work (FM on peltor alert ear defenders that have an aux input). I was yet to find a podcast I could get into, until I found yours and yours is the only one I subscribe to. Thought you maybe interested in the Tracks I use to test equipment: https://tidal.com/playlist/21f5ee62-ba59-4836-89b0-913572ade665

    Leigh (UK)

  3. Audition tunes for me include Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight, Robert Plant – Burning Down One Side, Heaven Knows, Ship of Fools, If I Were a Carpenter and Please Read the Letter (with Alison Krauss). Eagles – Hotel California. The Plant material is exceptionally performed and engineered. The intro of Collins’ In the Air is delicate and roomy but when the drums hit, there’s a moment of truth that can reveal weakness in speakers, amplifiers and such. Check em out. These have been my go to tracks for many years.

  4. I’ve just stumbled upon this podcast so I know this is late to the game, but rather than Kodi you should be looking at MinimServer for your UPnP needs; it’s massively configurable, light on resources and the developer is really helpful and responsive. To enable OpenHome on all your renderers you should also run BubbleUPnP Server, but this is just extra polish and not really necessary.

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