9: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck on Stereo Gear, With Harris Fogel

Harris Fogel (http://maceditionradio.com) joins us for a chat about how he became an audiophile, what kind of gear to look at, and how he’d spend $1500 to get great sound!






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5 thoughts on “9: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck on Stereo Gear, With Harris Fogel

  1. Hello

    I want to know what you think about this stereo system that i am planning on putting together. Also i want to know your opinion on the streamers I’m planning on getting, I’m not sure which one to get. I am planing on getting a Marantz PM6006 integrated amp and a pair of Q Acoustics 3050.

    How ever, here is the kicker, i have high res flac files i want to stream to that system and my girlfriend likes streaming spotify and i know you will dislike that but i don’t think she is willing to pay double up for Tidal even though i do. I’m thinking of getting a bluesound node2 , i have read good review of it. Have you heard it, if you have, how would you compare it to the sonica dac. After hearing you talk about how good the sonica is i now have my heart really set on it. However, it is double the price of the bluesound. Do you think the bluesound would be close enough of the sonica or is the double price of the sonica justifiable? If the streamers are justifiable at that high price point, then what do you think of the Cambridge CXN and how would that compare to the sonica dac?

    Sorry of the massive onslaught of question, i really hope you have time to answer them and i cant wait for the next episode. I literally stumbled upon this podcast three days ago and in the span of these three days i have listened to all 9 episodes. I really like the work you guys are doing here.

    1. Our hope is to get a Bluesound to review while we still have the SONICA here. So, I can’t give you a 1-1 reference. That said…you can just have your own TIDAL account, and/or rip your CD collection to hi-res files, and still keep your girlfriend. 🙂

  2. Excellent interview / conversation.

    Trying to figure out whether to buy a used higher end model several years old or a new lower end model is really tough to figure out.

    Much less looking at Vintage….

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