6: Resolution Demystified, Oppo Sonica DAC/Streamer Review, What is The WAF?

On today’s Beginner Audiophile, we start by explaining the WAF, audio file resolution, and Michael gives an aptX update.  Then we jump into the review of the OPPO Sonica DAC and what made a huge difference while we tested it. Finally, we dig into your questions.

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5 thoughts on “6: Resolution Demystified, Oppo Sonica DAC/Streamer Review, What is The WAF?

  1. Love the show. 2 questions:
    1) Could you folks recommend 3 cartridges (MM or MC) going from good sound to great sound for what seems to be a bargain turntable right now, the Musical Fidelity Roundtable which currently comes with the AT 95E cartridge. I am using it with the Rogue Sphinx integrated amp.

    2) Please help us understand the best way to download/store and play HiDef digital music. I have FLAC files from HD Tracks and when I load them to itunes they get compressed to 256K. If I convert back to higher sample rate on itunes such as Apple Lossless is it as good as the original FLAC?

  2. I’ve been an audiophile for many years but I’m very new to digital audio. I recently started streaming Tidal from my macBook Air and sending the signal via a USB cable to my Peachtree 125SE integrated amp with built-in asynchronous DAC.

    I want to improve my source component for streaming Tidal and I’m thinking that the Oppo Sonica might be the ticket. Would the Sonica streamer/DAC be a better way to go for streaming Tidal than my MacBook Air?

    Thanks Guys, and I’m really enjoying your podcast.

    1. Hey Steve! Thanks so much…we’re having fun!

      I definitely think the Sonica is a “buy”…I have one for my home system now. That said…you might try an Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC first and see if that improves the sound for you. It was a big jump up for me, and only 200 bucks. If you want to jump right in though, that Sonica is a great piece of gear.

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